Adventures in Eating


I went back to the US about 2 weeks ago and experienced a small honeymoon period with portion sizes. This was followed by the grim realization that my stomach does have limitations. This is a really sad thing because sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to get the smaller dish¬†price-wise…Why are places in the US so eager to dish out more food for less?!

In many Japanese restaurants a “regular” size of something barely¬†placates my stomach, so sometimes I end up snacking in between meals (not proud of this). Japanese people often go to the US with their camera ready just to capture the view of plates literally overflowing with food.

One weird misconception that people have here that I will never understand is that McDonald’s hamburgers are a lot bigger in the US than in Japan. I have never thought the burgers seemed any different, and I think that a chain like McDonalds would do everything they can to keep patty-size consistent. I think the main difference is, does the US hamburger come with a quarter pound of fries and a quart of soda?



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