The Breakup Cycle


Gonna be a little real with you guys, I haven’t been updating because I had been going through a bit of a rocky time. I was having a lot of fights with my then boyfriend of 2 years and eventually broke it off with him. He has appeared in comic strips in the past, so I found myself ignoring this site because I didn’t want to look at those images.

It’s pretty silly. Anyway, I’ve moved on, and I’ve grown up and now Persona 5 guy and I can get married. He’s in high school and inside of a video game, but I believe love can overcome all.

Thanks for your support!!

Adventures in PDA


I have a hard time dating in Japan because I am a person who likes PDA. A past boyfriend once snapped at me because I gave him a goodbye kiss in a train, and at that point I pretty much knew it was the beginning of the end with him. I might just be culturally insensitive, but I feel lonely if I can’t always be touching the person I like.

Luckily I now date a guy who grew up in the US and understands my need for hugs, hand-holding, and goodbye kisses. I might take advantage of that acceptance sometimes. This might be at the expense of everyone around me…

Adventures in Living Alone



If you are not a woman living alone, you may not understand how you could overreact at a strange man hanging out near your front door. Japan is a very safe country, but this has not stopped the international pattern of guys following girls home and stalking them, or sometimes killing them. News has probably made me paranoid, but there have been 2 times, very close to my apartment, that a guy trying to talk to me continued to follow me until I stopped and told them straight up that I am not moving an inch until I see them leave. I stood where I was and watched them leave, but even then, I was looking over my shoulder for the remainder of the walk home.

I think it’s sad that we live in a world like this. But, I was really happy when my BF took my concerns seriously. It’s nice to know someone is looking out for you 🙂

Adventures in Dating…With an Age Gap



I am dating a guy over 10 years older than me. I usually don’t really notice the age gap because he likes so many things that I like. The way we think is also not really that different. But this is the first time that I’ve dated someone much older than myself.

About a week ago we went to a cafe that just plays 80s music. We were listening to the music and talking about it when the above happened. It was a little awkward.

I am going to avoid going to nostalgia cafes with him 😛