New Year Resolutions – 2015



This post was supposed to be posted at the beginning of this week, but better late than never, right? Right?

2014 was a tough year. In the beginning of the year I lost my father, and in August I decided to quit my job and seriously wondered if I should stay in Japan any longer.

However! It wasn’t all bad…I also:

– Went to Italy and saw family I hadn’t seen in years

– Got a new job work on a mobile game

– Saw Nobuo Uematsu in concert!

I’m pretty bad at keeping resolutions but this year I am going to try to work on this site. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the content. I’ve been making cheaply printed zines and selling those at small conventions for awhile now but I am really interested in finally trying crowdfunding and seeing if I can’t print/sell something nice for once!

(It’s going to be awhile until I try anything like that though).

Here’s to a better year.