Clothes Shopping in Japan



I don’t think this comic needs much explaining. “Large” sizes in this country are super small or nonexistent. However, if you think I am being unfair to stereotype Japanese girls as maybe too skinny, are you aware that in recent years 29% of Japanese women were categorized as “underweight”?

I can’t believe it either. Why would you forgo your own country’s delicious food to be too skinny? 🙁

One thought on “Clothes Shopping in Japan

  1. This frustrates me SOOOO much. I haven’t been able to buy a skirt in this country for TWO YEARS (except for one “floor-length” skirt that goes to my upper ankles) because otherwise I end up flashing everyone because I’m tall.

    UGGGGGHHH. Frustrates me to no end. I miss being able to actually buy the clothes I think are cute (but at least it’s saving my wallet).

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