Renting in Japan



Moving in Japan is a nightmare if you are a non-Japanese national. But moving in Japan in general is extremely expensive. On top of a deposit, you are usually expected to pay “thank you money” to the landlord, a realtor’s fee, a fee for changing the locks, and a fee to a company to guarantee your rent. Sometimes these fees can add up to 7 months of rent that needs to be paid before move-in.

But wait! You think you’ll get your old deposit back to help pay for this?

Not necessarily…get ready to be charged for whatever “damage” you have done to your old place plus cleaning!

What is so bad about being foreign in all of this? 1 out of 10 apartments are accepting of a foreign tenant is why. I spent months apartment hunting and found a place, but was forced into an interview that went exactly like in my comic. I went back into searching, pretty beaten down by all the rejections and found my current apartment.


Current apartment

Love my current place though! Worth the 3 months of struggle and the 5 months worth of rent…hahaha

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