Clothes Shopping in Japan



I don’t think this comic needs much explaining. “Large” sizes in this country are super small or nonexistent. However, if you think I am being unfair to stereotype Japanese girls as maybe too skinny, are you aware that in recent years 29% of Japanese women were categorized as “underweight”?

I can’t believe it either. Why would you forgo your own country’s delicious food to be too skinny? ­čÖü

Adventures in Dating…With an Age Gap



I am dating a guy over 10 years older than me. I usually don’t really notice the age gap because he likes so many things that I like. The way we think is also not really that different. But this is the first time that I’ve dated someone much older than myself.

About a week ago we went to a cafe that just plays 80s music. We were listening to the music and talking about it when the above happened. It was a little awkward.

I am going to avoid going to nostalgia cafes with him ­čśŤ


Adventures in Job Hunting: The Inevitable



So in August I quit the job I had been at for 1.5 years…It was the first office job I had ever had and the first job I ever had where I operated entirely in a foreign language.

I had no plan for afterward. So dumb…and I am aware it was dumb, but I don’t regret it. I was far from thriving there. I was lost everyday. I felt worthless. I knew that if I did not just cut myself free then I would never get the motivation to try something new.

I am trying to look for some work where I can use my drawings, or my Japanese to do something that I feel has some sort of purpose. I am very lost. Lost but know one thing. I will no longer do English jobs for full time work. Japan, however, does not see eye-to-eye with this decision. 

If you are an experienced English teacher with a valid work visa living here already, be prepared. You are prime English meat.

I can tell you that I made far less money working in a Japanese office than being a teacher. Being a teacher is a great way to help kids/adults, make a decent amount of money, and only rarely have overtime. It is also great if you are pursuing a teaching career. I am not. For me it would turn into something I just do for the money, and I think ultimately the English students deserve someone who wants to be a teacher, or is more knowledgable about second language education than me.