The Breakup Cycle


Gonna be a little real with you guys, I haven’t been updating because I had been going through a bit of a rocky time. I was having a lot of fights with my then boyfriend of 2 years and eventually broke it off with him. He has appeared in comic strips in the past, so I found myself ignoring this site because I didn’t want to look at those images.

It’s pretty silly. Anyway, I’ve moved on, and I’ve grown up and now Persona 5 guy and I can get married. He’s in high school and inside of a video game, but I believe love can overcome all.

Thanks for your support!!

Adventures in Eating


I went back to the US about 2 weeks ago and experienced a small honeymoon period with portion sizes. This was followed by the grim realization that my stomach does have limitations. This is a really sad thing because sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to get the smaller dish price-wise…Why are places in the US so eager to dish out more food for less?!

In many Japanese restaurants a “regular” size of something barely placates my stomach, so sometimes I end up snacking in between meals (not proud of this). Japanese people often go to the US with their camera ready just to capture the view of plates literally overflowing with food.

One weird misconception that people have here that I will never understand is that McDonald’s hamburgers are a lot bigger in the US than in Japan. I have never thought the burgers seemed any different, and I think that a chain like McDonalds would do everything they can to keep patty-size consistent. I think the main difference is, does the US hamburger come with a quarter pound of fries and a quart of soda?



Adventures in PDA


I have a hard time dating in Japan because I am a person who likes PDA. A past boyfriend once snapped at me because I gave him a goodbye kiss in a train, and at that point I pretty much knew it was the beginning of the end with him. I might just be culturally insensitive, but I feel lonely if I can’t always be touching the person I like.

Luckily I now date a guy who grew up in the US and understands my need for hugs, hand-holding, and goodbye kisses. I might take advantage of that acceptance sometimes. This might be at the expense of everyone around me…

Package Delivery


Let me preface this by saying that, in the US, packages are just left in front of your door, even when you are not at home. Yeah, this seems like it might be dangerous, but this is the environment I grew up in.

In Japan packages are delivered to you between certain time windows. If you are not ready to answer the door in this window of time, you don’t get your package, you get an annoying little slip of paper stating that the deliveryman came and you were dumb enough to not even be around. At this point you use the slip to schedule another slot for re-delivery. This continues until you actually are there at the right time.

Because I work like a normal person, the only time slot available to me on weekdays is the 7 pm to 9 pm slot. Unfortunately for me, Japanese deliverymen in my area love to come to my place right when that window of time starts. Being punctual is not always what the customer wants…

Luckily in recent years some alternatives have shown up, my favorite being package delivery to near-by 24 hour convenience stores. Unfortunately, they will not hold packages larger than a certain size for you, so it is not a solution for every situation. There are also apartment buildings with dedicated package lockers, but alas, my building is too old for that.

Renting in Japan



Moving in Japan is a nightmare if you are a non-Japanese national. But moving in Japan in general is extremely expensive. On top of a deposit, you are usually expected to pay “thank you money” to the landlord, a realtor’s fee, a fee for changing the locks, and a fee to a company to guarantee your rent. Sometimes these fees can add up to 7 months of rent that needs to be paid before move-in.

But wait! You think you’ll get your old deposit back to help pay for this?

Not necessarily…get ready to be charged for whatever “damage” you have done to your old place plus cleaning!

What is so bad about being foreign in all of this? 1 out of 10 apartments are accepting of a foreign tenant is why. I spent months apartment hunting and found a place, but was forced into an interview that went exactly like in my comic. I went back into searching, pretty beaten down by all the rejections and found my current apartment.


Current apartment

Love my current place though! Worth the 3 months of struggle and the 5 months worth of rent…hahaha

Passport Pics


Luckily I just got a new passport, so I don’t have this problem anymore, but I travel a lot around Asia and have almost gotten denied entry into a country because the immigration guy could not believe I was the same person. I started to cry at immigration because I didn’t really know what to say except, “Please believe me…That’s a picture from 9 years ago.”

Amazingly enough, it is not that flattering to be told that I look much better now…

Clothes Shopping in Japan



I don’t think this comic needs much explaining. “Large” sizes in this country are super small or nonexistent. However, if you think I am being unfair to stereotype Japanese girls as maybe too skinny, are you aware that in recent years 29% of Japanese women were categorized as “underweight”?

I can’t believe it either. Why would you forgo your own country’s delicious food to be too skinny? 🙁

Sakura Season


This sums up most every cherry blossom season I have experienced. After the blossoms reach full bloom, the slightest breeze will onset a large “snowfall” of petals. This is the famous 花吹雪, “hanafubuki,” snowfall of petals.

It can be pretty to witness and sometimes the petals whirling towards death are just as amazing a sight as the newly bloomed flowers.

Commuting in Tokyo


Quick Japanese lesson:

おります:”orimasu” : I’m getting off. (a train or vehicle)

ドアが閉まります:”doa ga shimarimasu” : The doors are closing.


I commute on the Chuo line and the Yamanote line; two extremely crowded, popular train lines.

It is not fun. The least fun thing is when nobody moves when you are getting off on a less popular station.

Please move if people are trying to claw their way off of the train.

This has been a lesson in trains and how difficult it is to leave them with people blocking the door.